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Oliver is a bit of a former bad boy. Not that he was bad by nature, but more that he was easily influenced by his ne’er-do-well peers. He got into fights, drugs seemed cool, and hung out late with friends without any care of responsibility or purpose. Despite all this, he never had sex. Unable to come clean about his true desires, he covered up his sexuality with bad behavior that ultimately led him to be dissatisfied and desperate. When he found the Mormon church, he thought he could have a chance at a new life, with proper direction, guidance, and a higher calling. Little did he know that this would lead him to Masonry and the path of submission, obedience, secret societies, and intense homosexual sex involving men inside one another, and the male bonding that comes with carrying another man’s seed!


Marcus is very pious by nature. He’s always looked to the church and scriptures for guidance and truth. While others his age are obsessed with social media and reality TV, he has kept his mind focused on what he felt was more important: the pursuit of a higher purpose.

Though he came from a more religious family, Marcus proved to be the most committed of his siblings to the church’s teachings. He even spent hours of personal time looking for more answers, studying history and scripture to unlock what he felt was the true meaning of faith. This dedication did not go unnoticed.

The leadership of the order is eager to see how Marcus can put his mindfulness to the rituals and doctrine of the brotherhood, knowing that what the young man craves more than anything else is discipline and submission.


Cole is fairly ambitious and driven. He’s always been pushed to excel, giving all he had to succeed and grow. And as his life played out, he found there was little he wasn’t able to achieve. Blessed with handsome good looks, a winning smile, a tall, athletic frame, and a friendly disposition, doors seemed to open wherever Cole went.

For a time, it seemed the only thing he wouldn’t have is the standard, heteronormative life his parents imagined for him: a wife, a family, the dog and the picket fence. Not because women didn’t throw themselves at him. It was simply that Cole found himself much more attracted to the other boys… even the older men.

Cole is desperate to have a place to belong and to have powerful men in his life show him how to be the best he can be. Given his massive cock and eagerness to prove himself, there’s no doubt the secret Masonic order will find good use for him among their ranks.


A lot of expectations were put on Elder Young growing up. Being the son of a Grand Master and the youngest of three brothers, his path in life was more or less prescribed. As he got older, independence and freedom became more and more appealing.

Entering his lodge, those desires never really went away. He knew the brotherhood demanded complete obedience, but he didn’t really know what to do about how he felt. He was determined to do things his way. As a result, he was often in trouble and in jeopardy of not advancing.

Now that The Order has set sights on him, and he’s gone through his initial pledge, he’s finding obedience and submission has its perks.