Grandmaster Figata

Very few men can fill out a suit quite like Master Figata. His appreciation for grooming and aesthetics is unparalleled, believing that appearance and presentation are crucial elements of any man's position. One cannot be respected or revered without looking the part. As he guides young men through their journey into the Brotherhood, he makes a point about proper dress, clean bodies, and close shaves... and he's not afraid to get in close to inspect. But even without the suit and tie, his bright, white smile and piercing eyes are enough to make any apprentice kneel in deference. When Figata's got you in his gaze, there's nowhere else you'd rather be.

Chapter 2 The Calling APPRENTICE ANDRAM

Grandmaster Figata called me to his office at noon today. The nearer it got to the meeting, the more nervous I became. The Grandmaster had seemed quite... [read more]