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A lot of expectations were put on Elder Young growing up. Being the son of a Grand Master and the youngest of three brothers, his path in life was more or less prescribed. As he got older, independence and freedom became more and more appealing.

Entering his lodge, those desires never really went away. He knew the brotherhood demanded complete obedience, but he didn’t really know what to do about how he felt. He was determined to do things his way. As a result, he was often in trouble and in jeopardy of not advancing.

Now that The Order has set sights on him, and he’s gone through his initial pledge, he’s finding obedience and submission has its perks.



Grandmaster Savage is a dream daddy. Muscular, masculine, striking gray hair and a jaw like an anvil. He looks just as good in a suit as he does stripped bare, revealing his mature, beautiful body. Not only does he project power and authority, his piercing steel eyes know exactly how to break through the walls and insecurities of the young apprentices he mentors.

He loves seeing them break out of their shell and adopt the discipline and spirit of the brotherhood. As a senior leader, he’s often charged with anointing the young men as they make their way from civilian to apprenticeship, a task he takes close to heart. As much as he loves the ritual and procedure of initiation, he can’t deny his own lustful desires for the beautiful young men themselves. Nothing is more sweet than the feel of a soft, fresh ass in his mouth or wrapped around his bare cock.