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Cole is fairly ambitious and driven. He’s always been pushed to excel, giving all he had to succeed and grow. And as his life played out, he found there was little he wasn’t able to achieve. Blessed with handsome good looks, a winning smile, a tall, athletic frame, and a friendly disposition, doors seemed to open wherever Cole went.

For a time, it seemed the only thing he wouldn’t have is the standard, heteronormative life his parents imagined for him: a wife, a family, the dog and the picket fence. Not because women didn’t throw themselves at him. It was simply that Cole found himself much more attracted to the other boys… even the older men.

Cole is desperate to have a place to belong and to have powerful men in his life show him how to be the best he can be. Given his massive cock and eagerness to prove himself, there’s no doubt the secret Masonic order will find good use for him among their ranks.



Grandmaster Savage is a dream daddy. Muscular, masculine, striking gray hair and a jaw like an anvil. He looks just as good in a suit as he does stripped bare, revealing his mature, beautiful body. Not only does he project power and authority, his piercing steel eyes know exactly how to break through the walls and insecurities of the young apprentices he mentors.

He loves seeing them break out of their shell and adopt the discipline and spirit of the brotherhood. As a senior leader, he’s often charged with anointing the young men as they make their way from civilian to apprenticeship, a task he takes close to heart. As much as he loves the ritual and procedure of initiation, he can’t deny his own lustful desires for the beautiful young men themselves. Nothing is more sweet than the feel of a soft, fresh ass in his mouth or wrapped around his bare cock.