Chapter 9 Second Anointing APPRENTICE YOUNG

Austin has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. He has behaved in an exemplary manner throughout his apprenticeship. The... grandmasters have nothing but universal praise for him and believe he will make a fine member of the Brotherhood. He has been tested, punished, and pushed to extremes in the process of learning the higher purpose of his body. As his training approaches its latter stages, he will be rewarded; built up mentally and physically until he is able to be properly ordained. He will experience extreme pleasure during today’s anointing. He will feel the respectful, erotic touch of Grandmaster Savage. Every inch of Austin’s body will ache for the older man and he will long to feel Savage’s penis deep inside him. The intensity of Austin’s emotions scares him. He didn’t know it was possible to feel like this. He longs to serve. Gratifying the grandmasters has become his only goal. It’s the reason he lives and breathes. Grandmaster Savage’s large hands are warm and masculine. He covers them with sacred oils and runs them suggestively over the boy’s back, legs, feet, and butt. Austin’s skin erupts into millions of goosebumps. He shivers and gasps. He knows what’s coming and he wants it badly. Savage slowly strips out of his pure white suit and tie. His large dick bulges impressively in his semi-transparent boxer shorts. He runs his slippery palm over Austin’s excited penis, milking it like a cow’s udder as the boy yelps uncontrollably. Thick pre-cum oozes through the fabric of the Grandmaster’s underwear. He pushes his shorts to the floor and slowly sinks his huge, raw dick into the boy’s clam-tight hole. Seconds later, he starts to pound the boy with all his might, gritting his teeth, face reddening with pure exertion as he brutally thrusts his manhood into Austin’s innocence. Pools of sticky cum and frisked-up lube form around the boy’s hole, as the powerful penetration continues. Austin grunts, winded. His head spins. His body shakes. Savage pushes Austin onto his back and thrusts his dick back into the boy’s welcoming ass, staring down at his smooth, yearning body and wide, trusting eyes. Austin starts to jerk himself off. He knows he’s gonna bust a nut and, sure enough, seconds later, the semen flies out of his dick and onto his chest with immense force. The sight of the boy bursting orgasmically sends the Grandmaster over the edge. He instantly explodes deep inside Austin’s body, his thick daddy juices gushing into the boy’s loins like a train whizzing through a tunnel. [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Interview APPRENTICE RIVERS

I’ve wanted to join the Brotherhood ever since I read about it in a dusty old book I found in my Grandfather’s attic. I was instantly intrigued. T...he book must have been a hundred years old and was filled with all sorts of mystical symbols. I sneaked the book home with me and searched for some of the more bizarre phrases from it on the internet. Most of the searches yielded nothing but pages of absolute nonsense, but when I started to look more closely, I realized I’d stumbled upon some sort of secret code which took hours of obsessive work to crack. Apprenticeships are rare. Candidates for apprenticeships are carefully vetted. Only those who fully yield to the process succeed. Asking questions would instantly lead to dismissal… I eventually found the contact details for a gatekeeper, and then, over a period of weeks, I received emails filled with somewhat intrusive questions. Eventually I was told to report to a secret location. I was to tell no one where I was. It all felt incredibly exciting and it wasn’t until I was on the train heading to the secret location that I started to feel anxious. On one hand, I’d been chasing this intriguing, mystical dream for months and months, but on the other, I had no idea who this group actually was. I could have been walking into a trap and no one in the world had the slightest idea where I was heading! I almost got off the train there and then, but something told me I was on the brink of discovering something very special. I ended up at the central complex of the Brotherhood. I was shown to my room by another one of the apprentices. I instinctively knew not to ask him any questions about his experiences, much as I was dying to. I stayed in my room for some time, not really knowing what to do until a note was pushed under my door, with a map of the complex. The message told me to wash, dress properly and report to a specific room for a preliminary interview with Master Kamp. My heart instantly started to pound. I had no idea what to expect, but immediately did as I was told and, half an hour later, was knocking on the door of the allotted room… I heard a voice telling me to enter, so I gingerly walked into what turned out to be an entirely white room. It was utterly disorientating. The corridor outside had been dark and gloomy so it felt a bit like entering heaven or something! Master Kamp instructed me to sit down on an ornate chair, which looked so fancy I was nervous to sit on it. I guess he was about fifty. He was dressed really nattily - full suit, tie and suspenders - all in white. He smelt like fine aftershave, slightly tinged with cigar smoke. He was certainly intimidating. He had a strong German accent which made me feel like I was being interrogated and he seemed a little volatile… almost as though the air of calmness which surrounded him would break down at any moment and he’d start yelling or throwing things around the room. He started asking me questions. Scores of questions. Endless questions. The veto on questions which had been imposed on me was entirely one-sided! I was quite shocked when he started quizzing me about my love life. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to answer, but there wasn’t a great deal to say because I’ve always kept myself to myself in that respect. I’ve never really been interested in girls. They’ve always seemed a bit too much hard work if I’m honest. I mean, I’ve always assumed I’d settle down, get married, and have kids but I’m not in any rush to do so. Boys at school always talked about jerking off and stuff, but, if I’m honest, it always sounded a little messy. So, anyway, when he asked me if I’d ever been attracted to men, I was utterly blind-sided. What on earth made him even ask the question? Then he launched into this whole thing about whether I was worthy enough to join the Brotherhood, telling me he needed to establish what my limits were. Obviously I told him I didn’t have any… …So he told me to take my clothes off! I was utterly stunned. I could feel my heart banging like a drum in my ear and the blood rushing to my face. I felt so embarrassed, but tried to keep as cool as I could, so stood up and without even flinching started to undress. I got down to my regulation underwear. They’d handed me a special underwear set when I arrived at the complex and I was instructed to wear them at all times. I’d put them on for the first time before the interview and had stood for a while, looking in the mirror, horrified to discover they were a little see-through. I could see my nipples through them, my pubic hair, and the outline of my cock. Master Kamp told me to sit again before firing more questions at me about whether I was attracted to men; then whether I was attracted to him, and if I wasn’t, that I’d need to prove it. And weirdly, the only thing I wanted to say, the only truth I could hone in on within all the panic and embarrassment of what was happening, was the fact that I was intrigued by him. And that’s not the same as being attracted, right? I’d certainly never met anyone like him before, and something deep down inside me just wanted to please him. Then he went and tied my hands behind the chair. I should have been shitting bricks, but I liked the sensation… I liked the feeling of powerlessness it gave me. When he started running his hand over my thigh and then up towards my groin, I started to panic. I was fighting all the time; with myself, with my dick, with my feelings of shame, with my desire to prove that he wasn’t turning me on. But the more he touched me, the wider I wanted to spread my legs and the harder my dick got. He smiled. Then he started touching me in ways which I can’t even explain. It’s like he had a sixth sense for all the weird places in my body where crazy reactions were going to be triggered. He seemed to understand my body better than I did. It was new sensation after new sensation, and suddenly my skin was tingling all over and every inch of me was crying out for his touch... [Read more]

Chapter 8 The Sacrament APPRENTICE YOUNG

My apprenticeship with the Brotherhood hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I’ve often found myself feeling bewildered, frustrated, lonely or comple...tely out of my depth. On many occasions, I’d considered throwing in the towel. But joining the Brotherhood proved to be something that was really important to me. I’d put so much in now, I couldn’t just leave. Accepting I was attracted to men went against everything that I was raised to accept. Here at the Brotherhood, I’ve been monitored and mentored by very great men. Men I became desperate to please and, latterly, men I became desperate to be with. Through the long months, they’ve taught me to accept who I am and embrace my position in the order of things, understanding my potential while accepting my limitations. I’ve been loved, punished, neglected, and revered. No part of my body has been ignored. I’ve been the focus of mystical rituals and have experienced such carnal pleasure that my body has shaken uncontrollably for days afterwards… There is, however, one individual among the highest ranking members of the Brotherhood who’s always kept his distance. Even after I was fully initiated, Grandmaster Legrand remained completely aloof, barely acknowledging my presence when we passed in the dark corridors. Despite this, I’ve always found him utterly magnetic - almost as though we were lovers in a previous life. I’ve longed for him to share his wisdom with me. I’ve longed to serve him. To give myself entirely to him… One day, I was summoned to his spooky, candlelit office. I was told to dress formally in suit and tie and make sure I was cleansed both inside and out. It took a while for my eyes to become accustomed to the dark, but I eventually saw a tall figure standing in the corner of the room which I knew was him. On closer inspection, I realized he was wearing a white, ceremonial mask with some sort of bird’s beak. I walked towards him, heart pounding uneasily in my ears. He suddenly reached out and grabbed me quite roughly, spinning me around before pushing his ring-covered fingers down the front of my pants. Grandmaster Legrand exudes raw power. He possesses a mind-boggling combination of mental and physical potency which made me feel utterly helpless. For a start, he’s well over a foot taller than me, but there was something about the way that he looked at me that was hypnotic. As his hands ran assertively up and down my body, I realized my entire apprenticeship had been leading me to that moment. My purpose in life was to submit myself fully to Grandmaster Legrand. He stood behind me and undressed me fairly rapidly without any sense of seduction. It felt like he was claiming me as a prize and my dick started swelling uncontrollably at the thought. Then he turned me towards him, reached around and pushed his giant fingers deep into my hole. I tentatively started to rub his bulge, which was bigger than any I’ve ever seen. I felt myself dropping to my knees in some sort of trance before pulling it out of his pants, desperate, not just to suck it, but to get every inch of it deep into my throat. Every time he touched me, I found myself gasping with anticipation. I needed him to use me. He pushed me against an ornate, ceremonial table and immediately started to finger me again, pushing one of my legs up so that my hole was already good and open before using oils and spit to make sure I was wet and as ready as I could be. I knew I had to relax. It was that or suffer excruciating agony as he pushed his huge member into my insanely tense butt. He lined himself up and I took a deep breath. For a moment he remained still, with the head of his dick pushing against my hole, almost as though he were waiting for permission to be admitted inside. Then he started to push into me and it was way too much. It really was. It felt like a knife was being plunged into my body. I kept quiet, of course. I didn’t want to let him - or myself - down, but he sensed it was painful for me, and got me onto my back, telling me to grab hold of my legs so that my hole was as open as it could be. He stood casually between my legs, still in his shirt and pants, and, once again, lined his dick up with my ass. He toyed with my hard dick and asked if I was ready and I knew at that moment that I was. Then I heard myself begging for him to fuck me. Pleading. And at that moment, I finally found myself yielding to him… My ass opened up like a flower and he sank his beautiful manhood deep into me and I knew there and then that I’d finally been relieved of my boyhood. The sensation was remarkable. It may have felt like he was driving a drain pipe deep into my belly, plundering my sphincter, ruining me entirely for his pleasure, but I loved it. He upped the pace and I could hear myself yelling uncontrollably. His face went quite red and he started gritting his teeth. I could tell that he was giving it to me as hard as he could… probably just to see if I could take it. I heard him murmur something about making me cum. I grabbed my dick, which was as hard as iron. The moment I touched it, I realized the semen was already rising, so I let go again because I didn’t want to cum just yet. I didn’t want the ecstatic sensation to end. But it was too late. I let go of my dick but moments later the semen started to squirt out of me. It was almost as though he was pushing it out of me with his dick. I have never cum without touching myself before. It just kept flying out of me. I was sort of orgasming and sort of not, so I grabbed my dick again, at which point he started to yell and grunt and I could feel his semen gushing into me. It was just crazy. For a split second we both entirely lost control. Then everything went still. I guess we were both trying to fathom what had happened and why it had been so intense. Then he kissed me, really simply, with very little emotion, and it was over just like that. Just as soon as it had begun. [Read more]

Chapter 2 The Calling APPRENTICE ANDRAM

Grandmaster Figata called me to his office at noon today. The nearer it got to the meeting, the more nervous I became. The Grandmaster had seemed q...uite stern when he said he wanted to see me and I was pretty certain I was going to be in trouble. I knew it had something to do with Master Kemp and all the stuff that had happened with him. To be honest, the whole thing really confused me. It hadn’t occurred to me that I might be attracted to men and half the time I didn’t know if Kemp was punishing me or trying to turn me on. And ever since, I’ve been worrying that I’ve somehow managed to fall into a complicated trap and that it’s only a matter of time before I’m thrown out of the Brotherhood for being a sexual deviant. By the time I’d arrived at Grandmaster Figata’s office, I’d convinced myself that my journey with the Brotherhood was over and that he was gonna ask me to return home with my tail firmly between my legs. I was shaking like a leaf by the time I sat down. His first words cut right through me. “You know why you’re here? Are you sure you’re not attracted to men?” I didn’t know what to say, not just because I didn’t know what I ought to have said, but because I didn’t know what the truthful answer was. He stood. I flinched. I assumed he was going to punish me. He grabbed my tie and pulled me to my feet. My entire body started to tense up, but instead of hitting me or belting me, he pushed his palm towards my crotch and started to rub it. Of course, I instantly started to get hard. There’s something so incredibly magnetic and masculine about Grandmaster Figata, and, up close, he smells so good! He started to undo my tie, then threw it to the ground like a piece of rubbish. Then he was undoing my shirt and I was shaking like a leaf again. I asked him if what we were doing was okay and he told me just to do what he said, so I tried to relax. Moments later, he was undoing my belt and my pants were dropping to the ground with a heavy clunk. Then he pulled up my undershirt and started running those enormous hands of his over my chest. My heart was pounding and I suddenly realized that all I wanted to do was submit to him. Then he kissed me. It took my breath away. He told me to get on his desk on all fours. I wanted to ask why but somehow it felt inappropriate to question him, despite the fact that doing it made me feel uneasy again. He walked around me, inspecting me like I was some sort of sculpture in an art gallery. Then he pulled my underpants down and shoved his tongue in my hole. No one has ever done anything like that to me before. For a moment it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable; then I was engulfed by a rush of deep, deep pleasure. He walked around to the front of me and told me to get his cock out. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I desperately wanted to see it, touch it… taste it. He told me to get on my knees before pulling his underpants down and allowing his giant dick to pop out like some sort of crazy toy with a spring in it! I don’t know what came over me, but I had it in my mouth in seconds. The moment I started to taste it, I didn’t want to stop. I sucked it, licked it, gobbled it, tongued it, chewed it. I wanted to do everything that pleasured him. He stood me up again and pushed me over the desk. I guess I knew what was coming. He went in with no warning whatsoever. The feeling was beyond intense. I thought it was gonna hurt like hell, particularly after seeing the size of his member, but it felt more like I was being gently stretched open. Like my ass had somehow been designed specifically to take his beautiful manhood and, as he started to pump with more and more speed, I could feel myself opening up for him. He got me on my back and continued to push himself in and out of me, tilting his pelvis back and forth in a deep, grinding motion. He started to grunt with every thrust and I guess I knew he was ready to shoot. I wanted it inside me. It felt important. I don’t know why. I guess I felt if he came in me, I’d know I’d done things right by him. He pulled out a millisecond before shooting. I was momentarily disappointed, but then I saw the shower of thick, creamy cum gushing out of him and, well, I can say for a fact that I’ve never felt so excited! He collapsed on top of me and started kissing me again - this time with more passion and desperation. My entire body was tingling. I’m still not entirely sure I fully understand what happened… but I now know one thing for certain. I am definitely attracted to men. Big time! [Read more]

Chapter 6 Ordination APPRENTCE RYAN

Right from the beginning they told me that my body didn’t belong to me. They said if I wanted to join the Brotherhood, I’d need to keep myself pur...e for at least six months - and then I’d have to give myself entirely to them. They said I’d need to remember my promise at all times.. Grandmaster Bishop Angus called me in today for my ordination. As I walked through the long, grand corridors of the complex, my heart started to pound. I instinctively knew that the promise I’d made all those months ago was about to become reality. The training so far has been confusing and oblique, but it’s also been exciting and erotic beyond words. My body has been used by masked strangers, I’ve been humiliated, confused and abused and yet, I find myself slowly starting to learn the meaning of pleasure… and my purpose in life. I’ve always had a thing about Grandmaster Angus. Whenever I see him, I find myself blushing! He exudes masculinity and power. I think he must know how he makes me feel because he’s been paying me a lot of attention recently. Many men have used me for their carnal pleasure in the last few months and it’s been mind-blowing in all the right ways, but Grandmaster Angus remains the only man I’ve truly felt connected to. I was excited and relieved, therefore, when I found out that he was going to be ordaining me. I dressed in my best suit and tried to get the tie knot looking just right with the “v” at the bottom hanging just beyond the top of the belt. I watched a tie-tying internet tutorial delivered by a Brit, so I figured I looked pretty classy. The ordination room was dazzlingly white - intimidatingly so. It’s lined with curtains, plainly made from incredibly expensive fabrics, and has a pure white carpet which put me on edge because I’d recently polished my shoes and instantly started worrying that the black polish would somehow wipe off and stain it. I guess all that whiteness is there to remind us about our vows of chastity. Grandmaster Angus was standing in the room waiting for me. He looked so handsome and dapper in his beautifully-tailored, white suit. The sight of him made me blush more than ever before. It also made me feel incredibly sexy, remembering those past occasions when he’d used my body. It struck me at that moment that I’ve always somehow held back. We pledged to give ourselves entirely to the Grandmasters, but, at that moment, as I looked into Angus’ eyes, I knew two things; firstly that this final stage of complete yielding was yet to happen and secondly that, when the time did come, I wanted to give myself to Angus. He walked across to me and carefully undid my tie before seductively unbuttoning my shirt. I instantly started to feel aroused. My breath became shallow. My body tingled. Every time his hand brushed against my chest, stomach or shoulders, I felt myself shivering. Strongly erotic thoughts danced in my brain. He unbuckled my belt and undid my pants which dropped heavily to the floor. Then he told me to take off my shoes. I started to nervously fumble at the laces, again worrying that if I took them off too quickly, I’d end up smearing the carpet with boot polish! Before long, I was naked but for my underpants. He was still fully clothed as he pulled me in and started to kiss me. The sensation of kissing a man still feels a little bizarre. Joining the Brotherhood has gone a long way when it comes to sweeping feelings of religious guilt aside, but they still bubble up from time to time. That said, the kiss was breathtaking. His beard bristled against my chin. It felt passionate and loving and so so exciting. He ran his hands down my body and over my ass before pushing my underpants to the ground. I caught myself wondering what my father would have said if he’d walked into the room at that point! That thought was swept aside the moment Grandmaster Angus began to strip. I was desperate to see that hairy chest of his again and was excited to see his dick tenting impressively in his suit pants. There’s something really thrilling about making a man as important as Grandmaster Angus as hard as he got at that moment. He removed his shirt and there it was - that perfect hairy chest, swirling and matting like a beautiful rug through the see-through fabric of his undershirt. He dropped his pants to reveal his enormous, muscular thighs before sitting me down on the edge of a couch, getting onto his knees and sucking my dick. It felt beyond amazing and I’m pretty sure I began to whimper the moment he started to glide those soft lips of his up and down my stiffening shaft. Then he kissed me again. Everything felt so right, so instinctive, so familiar! But somehow, for the first time, respectful. Dare I say… loving? His dick is, of course, bigger than mine, and considerably thicker. I started sucking him, taking my cues from the noises he was making. The more he groaned and sighed, the more confidence I gained and the better I got… At least I hope that’s the case! As usual, he got quite domineering with me, which I liked. He ordered me around and was fairly uncompromising in the way that he handled me. If he wanted me somewhere else, he’d tell me to move, or just pick me up and physically shove me there with his strong arms. Before I knew it, I was lying down on the couch and he was rubbing oil into his dick which he then pressed into my hole with his fingers. It made me feel nervous all of a sudden, because I knew the moment had arrived. Those last encounters had just been sex. This time I was going to give myself to him. Properly. As he pushed his dick into me, I felt a familiar rush of conflicting sensations. It hurt like hell, but it also felt amazing. I felt violated, yet utterly complete. I wanted him to stop, but the idea of him stopping was unthinkable. I lay on my back, legs in the air, watching the look of intense pleasure on his face and I realized, right then, that my life’s purpose was to serve him. His profound pleasure was my only goal. His strokes got faster. He was using his entire body weight and strength to plow his dick in and out of me, tossing me about like a rag doll to find the most pleasurable angle, his giant thighs bouncing off the sides of my butt cheeks. He was forcing my body into more and more crazy contortions. I was bent double, legs around my ears, barely able to breathe at one point. But I longed for it to continue! I kept wondering if he’d done this with any of the other apprentices, and if so which ones. The thought made me both horny and incredibly jealous. I guess I really wanted it to be as special for him as it was turning out to be for me. Was this magical encounter going to be the start of something incredible? I couldn’t take my hands off my dick. My body had become a vessel of pleasure for us both. I instinctively knew that he was gonna cum. I don’t think anyone could have kept that level of thrusting going for very long before exploding. And boy did he explode! He pulled out just as his dick started to spray pearls and pearls of semen and before the glorious rain had stopped, he sank it back into me again. I could still feel him twitching many many seconds later. It was the most remarkable feeling. Like I was being branded somehow. Like the Grandmaster was marking his territory. And I knew, at that moment, that my body was no longer mine… [Read more]

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