Chapter 1 The Interview APPRENTICE BLUE

Cole sat back in the chair, feeling his heart race as Master Kamp began to tie his hands together. His back began to perspire, causing his undershirt to... [read more]

Chapter 1 The Calling APPRENTICE BLUE

Cole put a lot of trust into Master Kamp. After he’d thoroughly milked a load from his cock, he figured there was no reason not to listen to him. Kamp... [read more]

Chapter 3 Disciplinary Action APPRENTICE BLUE

Master Kamp was very impressed with Cole. The young man was a beautiful specimen, well groomed, eager to learn, and hung like a horse. Everything about... [read more]

Chapter 4 The Anointing APPRENTICE BLUE

Apprentice Blue knew this wasn’t going to be easy. As his elders had told him many times, the Masonic path was full trials and tests. Even after the... [read more]

Chapter 4 Atonement APPRENTICE BLUE

The head games Apprentice Blue felt weren’t an accident. Everytime the young apprentice did as the masters said, he couldn’t tell if he was succeeding... [read more]

Chapter 6 The Covenant APPRENTICE BLUE

Apprentice Blue knew this was an important moment. The way he was prepared and dressed for the occasion made it clear this was more than just another simple... [read more]

Chapter 7 Ordination APPRENTICE BLUE

Apprentice Blue had waited a long time for this moment. The chance to be ordained into the brotherhood and receive full membership into the secret society... [read more]

Chapter 7 The Sacrament APPRENTICE BLUE

As a member of the fraternal order, Cole’s experiences changed. While he was still younger and less powerful than the masters, he was permitted to witness... [read more]

Chapter 9 Second Anointing APPRENTICE BLUE

I’ve spent so much time lately trying to work out who I am and where I’m heading with this masonic journey. To be quite honest, I find myself feeling... [read more]