Chapter 1 The Interview APPRENTICE JACK ANDRAM

Jack was unsure of himself as Master Kamp asked him to disrobe. He’d done so before for doctors and other professionals, but Master Kamp was an auth...ority of a different kind. Jack didn’t know what the older man would ask of him, but he knew it was part of his journey into the Brotherhood to be obedient and compliant. Standing in his sheer white undergarments, exposed and vulnerable, his heart raced with anxiety and, to his surprise, excitement. Something about Master Kamp seemed to send urges buried deep within to the surface. And as Master Kamp proceeded to tie his hands behind his back, he became helpless to those urges. Master softly knotted the white rope around Jack’s hands, securing them behind the back of the tall chair the young man was sitting on, leaving his chest exposed and lap open. As he began to probe him with questions of his sexuality and honesty, Jack found himself unexpectedly aroused. The situation was only made worse as Master Kamp grazed his inner thigh with his hand. Jack could detect the slightest hint of cologne on the older man’s body, wafting toward him as he moved in closer. Kamp’s hand was strong and firm, but his touch was as light as a feather over his delicate flesh. The tips of his fingers were surprisingly smooth. Jack expected the older man to have weathered hands, rough to the touch and unpleasant. Instead, Jack’s cock began to stand on end from the tickling sensation it provided, exposing him even more than he already was. With a full erection beneath his undergarments, it was hard for Jack to deny his attraction to men. At least, to Master Kamp. The older man didn’t seem to pause. Sitting confidently and powerfully in his white shirt, pants, and tie, his angelic dress belied his more devious agenda. Master Kamp teased the boy’s loins by placing a finger in the front slit of his underwear, caressing the shaft of the vulnerable young man before pulling his erection out through. Jack could hardly breathe. He was sweating profusely, afraid of what would come next, but also desperate for it not to stop. He’d never felt someone handle his cock like that before, and seeing it throb with excitement in the grip of the older man made him feel things he never had before. Jack’s breathing intensified, his heart quickened, and he could hardly think about anything other than his lust for the handsome bearded leader. Master Kamp poured some oil on his member, making it slick with slippery fluid, stroking him and making him writhe in pleasure. Jack couldn’t move much with his hands tied behind his back, but he felt every sensation from the top of his cock outward. His toes curled and his hole clenched. And soon, he was nervous he was not going to be able to take any more of the older man’s pleasurable torture. Master Kamp could see Jack getting close to climax, but he wasn’t prepared to let him off the hook so easily. Having seen what the boy’s manhood could reveal, he wanted to explore another test of his desire. And to do so, he knew he would have to open up his hole… [Read more]

Chapter 2 Disciplinary Action APPRENTICE BASINGER

I didn’t know what I’d done wrong. They just told me to report to Master Cox in a room I didn’t even know existed. They said I was going to be d...isciplined but no one told me why. Very little in this place seems to make sense. There are rituals and rules I can’t get my head around… I want to do my best and I’ve tried my hardest to behave myself and read everything they hand to me. I’ve tried to look smart at all times, to be confident and polite… I just don’t know if it’s working. I’ve been racking my brain to work out how I overstepped the mark. I keep returning to the incident with Master Legrand, which was about as bizarre as it was amazing. I guess you could say he seduced me. Except, I don’t know if it was sexual for him because he stayed dressed in his suit and tie throughout. But he got me naked… and very hard, and when his finger went right up inside me, I shot the biggest load! I’ve never cum like that before but then again, I’ve never been touched like that before. Of course, it’s made me want more. In fact, I’ve literally become obsessed with the idea. And I’m wondering if that’s the reason I’m being punished. Maybe they’ve decided I’m impure? They talk a heck of a lot about the importance of chastity and I have abstained. All my life… So, I went into the room. When I arrived, Master Cox was sitting on a sort of red throne. I’ve seen him around but not had that much to do with him, so I was surprised he even knew my name. He’s always seemed quite aloof and he was particularly icy with me this afternoon. I turned around and saw Master Fantana standing in the corner. I was quite relieved to see him. He’s nearer to my age and he hangs out with us quite a bit. He’s always seemed really friendly before but he was suddenly really distant. I felt like he was almost looking through me and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Then Master Cox told Fantana to undress me. My heart started pounding. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time. He took my clothes off so slowly. It felt really intimate. Of course, I instantly started to get hard. Master Cox remained on his chair, real still, just watching while Fantana stripped me down to my underwear, touching me seductively. I was tenting like crazy in my underpants and, by the time he’d pushed them off, I was rock solid! Master Cox told Fantana to prepare me, and he started to rub oil into my chest. His hands were just gliding all over my body. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. Then he pulled a satin cloth off a bench which was covered in plastic and rubber pegs of different sizes, all standing to attention like little dick-shaped soldiers. I was instantly terrified… Master Cox pointed at the oil bottle and told me to prepare the first peg. I knew what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to sit on it and THAT was my punishment. That plastic peg was somehow gonna go up inside me. I felt really cold all of a sudden. Even the smallest of the pegs looked enormous. But I couldn’t refuse, so I took a deep breath, covered my hands in as much oil as I could, and doused the peg in it. I took another deep breath, stood with my legs on either side of the bench, and very slowly sat down. I could feel gravity forcing me down onto the peg. It was agony. I wanted to scream. I wanted it to stop. I wanted to grab my clothes and run… anywhere… but something told me I needed to stay. Once the peg was all the way inside, Master Cox gestured for me to bounce up and down on it. And even though it felt like I was being torn apart, my dick was inexplicably hard. And after a few moments the searing pain stopped and I started to… if not exactly enjoy the sensation… realize it felt erotic. Then Master Cox told me to prepare the next peg, which was even bigger. Of course, I did as I was told and when he told me to sit on it, I sat on it. I could feel my ass opening up somehow. It was almost as though the peg were being pulled into me by invisible magnets or something. I was sweating and staring Master Cox in the eye as bravely as I could while trying to regulate my breathing… Then we moved on to the next peg… which was larger still and I really struggled to get it inside. At that moment, Fantana stepped forward and pushed down on my shoulders so I had no option but to take the damned thing inside me. He did the same when we moved onto the fourth peg… We got as far as the fifth peg which I genuinely thought was going to ruin me. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably. I tried so hard, but I just couldn’t get it inside me… So Master Cox told me I’d need to be punished further. He told me to lie on the bench, and Fantana lifted my feet up. I could see Master Cox unbuckling his belt and unzipping his trouser fly. I instantly knew what he was gonna do. I just lay back and thought, “Is this it? Is this my special moment? My first time? With a man I barely know?” Part of me felt terrified. Part of me was excited. He dropped his pants, pulled his dick out, tilted my body back, lined himself up against me, and then, well that was it. He took my virginity with a hard, almost impassive look on his face. And then he was slamming himself into me, still in his shirt and tie. It was excruciatingly painful but, for some reason, I didn’t want it to stop. And then I suddenly realized it felt amazing. I wanted every inch of him inside me. I was feeling dirty, somehow. Liberated. Manly… Then he asked if Fantana wanted a turn. Fantana nodded and I felt a rush of excitement. He stepped forward and lowered his pants, before thrusting his giant rod into me. Then he was pounding me real hard and Cox was kissing me and I wanted it all so bad. He was jerking my dick and kissing and biting me as he fucked me and I just wanted to be used. Then he started to cum. I could feel it gushing right into me like some sort of crazy geyser. He pulled out seconds later and I could feel the cum squirting out of me. Then Master Cox said it was his turn. He pushed himself into my ass again and started pounding me even harder than before. I thought I was gonna pass out. Then he started to tremble. And then he came. Right into me. And that was it. That was my moment. Master Cox threw a towel at me and told me to clean myself up. I was left alone in the room, now changed and different. Suddenly a man. [Read more]

Chapter 4 Ordination Apprentice James

Master Cox had great affection for Apprentice James. The young man had shown incredible obedience and patience through his initiation period, doing wh...atever was necessary to satisfy the needs of his superiors. Not only did he have a beautiful face and a strikingly beautiful body, but he had the spirit of a true submissive. An absolute necessity to be ordained into the Order. When the time came for Apprentice James to receive his final achievement, Master Cox was honored to be able to be the one to sanctify him into the Masonic brotherhood. Master Cox brought the young man into the ceremonial chamber he’d come to know well, bathed in white light and filled with a sense of purpose. He removed his clothing, stripping him of his shirt and tie, leaving him clad only in the bright glow of the room. His body looked angelic, ready to receive his place in the Order and be eternally connected to Master Cox and the other leaders. When Master Cox removed his clothes, his lean, muscular frame stood tall and strong. His olive skin contrasted with James’s beautifully, dusted with a soft pattern of hair on his chest and stomach. James dropped to his knees, placing himself once again eye to eye with the older man’s massive, thick cock. Apprentice James took both hands wrapped around the meaty member, stroking it and feeling it’s power between his fingers. He understood that it contained not only the capacity for great pleasure, but it was both the source of life-giving seed and masculine authority. He worshiped it. He loved it. And as he took it into his mouth, he savored the familiar taste of his master. Master Cox rocked his hips back and forth slowly, teasing the head of his cock with the tongue of the submissive young man. The warm, wet channel that he was able to explore was truly a gift. He knew it was his right and his place to feed the young man his member, but his connection with Apprentice James made it all the more special. He looked down at the beautiful blue eyes of his boy, seeing his passion for him reflected back in the crystalline pools. He knew he was ready to receive him, and he wasted no time in making it so. Leaning back on the nearby bed, Master Cox laid down, making himself comfortable as Apprentice James mounted himself on top. The young man deftly maneuvered his legs around Master Cox’s body, feeling the warm, rigid shaft of his manhood resting beneath him. Even outside of his body, it felt incredible up against his hole. He wanted to be connected with him again, to feel his manhood pierce his flesh and become one with him. He felt bigger and stronger whenever Cox was inside him, and coursing with purpose whenever he left his seed behind. Apprentice James looked to Master Cox for permission, which Master Cox gave with a subtle yet eager nod. James, knowing what to do implicitly, relaxed his sphincter as he felt the hard end of the older man’s member push against his body. Without too much pressure, he felt it move deep inside him, filling him up and stretching him out as it had done before. Apprentice James let out a sigh of relief. As much as it could hurt, he was happier with it in him than without. He settled himself down, feeling the massive balls of the older man pressing up against his buttocks, signaling that he had taken him down completely. He was so grateful to be there at that moment. And once Master Cox began thrusting into him, wave after wave of pleasure surged through his body. Master Cox felt the boy grip him from inside. He was practically massaging him with his hole, working out a load that would surely leave him filled. He didn’t want to rush it, but he knew that Apprentice James had earned his place in the brotherhood. All that was left was to seal him with a deep, penetrating insemination… [Read more]

Chapter 5 The Covenant APPRENTICE RYAN

Apprentice Ryan’s devotion to the order was profound. After a lifetime of lessons on obedience and blind loyalty, the Masons were able to help him g...o even further in his submission. The young man left his atonement with a renewed sense of purpose. Not only was he eager to do whatever the powerful men of the secret society asked of him, but he no longer felt the doubt and fears that had become so burdensome on his path to true service. The masters removed his clothes, placed him in a ceremonial robe, and presented him before a ritualized, white, hanging sheet, telling him to do as he was told no questions asked. Even when a massive, hard, erect penis slipped through a hole in the sheet, Ryan did not react. He accepted it without reservation. And when Grandmaster Felix pushed his mouth down upon it, he gladly parted his lips and took it down. Apprentice Ryan gagged and struggled, but not because of an unwillingness to sacrifice his throat for the ceremony. Felix was impressed by how much the young man could take, indulging in the sounds of his choking. Apprentice Ryan felt his eyes begin to water, but he did not back away. His trust in the Masons was so complete that he would do whatever was required. Showing his unwavering commitment to their cause, the older men lifted Apprentice Ryan back to his feet and guided him through the veil. Apprentice Ryan felt weightless as he moved into the next room, a tingling sensation running up his spine and over his head as he saw Grandmaster Angus sitting on the end of a large, white bed. He welcomed the sight of the handsome man, but was so resigned to his submission that he barely registered more than a pleasant, respectful smile on his face. Grandmaster Angus instructed him to wash him, pointing to a bowl of blessed water and a ceremonial cloth beside it on the floor. Apprentice Ryan removed the older man’s socks and shoes, washing his feet down on the ground, deferential towards his master. The weightlessness persisted in his body as his gestures felt unusually easy and smooth. Grandmaster Angus could see the boy’s fluidity, smiling as he realized the completion of the young man’s transformation. He was free. Free of doubt. Free of worry. Free of fear. Free of all the complications of life that lead a young man to consider his own self-interest and pursuits. Apprentice Ryan was his now. He was a spirit and mind of the Masons, possessed to be submissive and subservient. And he had no struggle whatsoever. Grandmaster Angus stood to remove his clothing, giving Ryan more of his powerful body to wash. The cool, wet cloth moved over Angus’ broad, hairy chest, gently catching his dark, salt and pepper chest hair, around his prominent, masculine nipples, and down to his stomach. Apprentice Ryan paused slightly when his washcloth approached the man’s genitals, now swollen from excitement. Grandmaster Angus was curious to see what Ryan would do. The young apprentice looked at his master, as if seeking permission to continue. Angus smiled and nodded. It was clear that the young man perceived the handling of the older man’s loins as a privilege, even when tasked with washing it. Satisfaction from service… the sign of true submission. As Ryan completed his work, Grandmaster Angus began his. Removing Ryan’s clothes and placing him on the bed, Grandmaster Angus knew that the reward for such submission and obedience was a deep, powerful, personal breeding. Grandmaster Angus spread Ryan’s legs apart, giving him a view of his perfect, peachy ass. The young man’s hole was on display, tight and smooth despite the endurance it had to display during their previous encounter. Angus pumped out some ceremonial oil from a nearby container and slowly and gently spread it over the young man’s hole. Apprentice Ryan’s sphincter clenched as the cool liquid met his hole, feeling it warm as Angus’ beefy, manly fingers spread it over him. Apprentice Ryan felt a stirring within himself. His body began to take weight and feel more occupied by his mind. His penis stiffened and he allowed himself to enjoy the pleasure that he received. Grandmaster Angus could see Apprentice Ryan beginning to open up, not just externally but mentally and emotionally as well. That made Angus’s cock leak, thinking about how much this meant to the young man. Before Angus slid his bare cock inside Ryan’s hole, he leaned in and gave his hole a kiss. The covenant he was about to make was important, and it was good that he was fully present and eager for it… [Read more]

Chapter 7 The Sacrament APPRENTICE COLE BLUE

As a member of the fraternal order, Cole’s experiences changed. While he was still younger and less powerful than the masters, he was permitted to w...itness more of the rare and protected practices of the Masons. He didn’t understand most of what was happening or why, but he followed along obediently and with full focus. In many ways, he still felt like he was going through his initiation, looking wide-eyed at his superiors and hoping to glean some knowledge or wisdom. Additionally, he was still eager to prove himself, both mentally and sexually to the older men. Grandmaster Wolf could see Cole’s enthusiasm for more, so he brought him into the temple for a special privilege, the receiving of the sacrament. The ceremony room was darkened, lit predominantly by candle light. Grandmaster Wolf wore a mask, giving him a strange and ominous appearance. It must have been tied to some lore or tradition Cole was unaware of, but he didn’t question it. He could tell it was Grandmaster Wolf due to his size, scent, and his deep, whispery voice. That was all he needed to give full compliance. Cole was stripped out of his shirt and tie, very similarly to how he’d been before. But as he stood in the temple room, the moment felt different. Cole had changed. He felt the weight of the ceremony deep in his gut, informing how every touch and tingle he received. He instantly began to leak precum, soaking through his underwear and catching the attention of the grandmaster. The young man knew what was coming, and his mind, body, and spirit were in total preparation for it. Taking off his mask, Grandmaster Wolf revealed his strikingly handsome face. The warm glow of the candlelight only seemed to make him more attractive. His long arms reached down to Cole’s genitals, tugging at his bulge and releasing the boy’s throbbing erection from his undergarments. Cole would do anything the older man asked of him. Without question or doubt. He would give of himself freely, making him perfect for the sacrament. Grandmaster Wolf removed the remainder of Cole’s clothes and put him up on an altar table. Cole laid on his back, his beautiful, toned body presented in its most vulnerable state. His genitals were hard and his hole was on display, eyes locked up at the older man before him, eagerly awaiting instruction on what to do next. Grandmaster Wolf took some ceremonial oil and dripped it down on his finger. It glistened in the candlelight, reflecting back into Cole’s eyes. Cole only saw it for a moment before it slipped down beneath his pelvis, finding its way between his buttocks and inside his sphincter. The oil was cool at first, not yet warmed by the head of the man’s flesh. It didn’t take long for Cole’s body to practically melt it. He felt the firm digit work its way inside. Cole let out an excited moan. Grandmaster Wolf had yet to even remove his clothes and Cole could have cum right then and there. But seeing the rise in the older man’s pants, Cole knew well what was to come. For him to receive the blessing of the sacrament, he would have to give of himself. His hole would have to endure the deep, hard, penetrating size of Wolf’s cock. A simple sacrifice, but one he would gladly make again and again... [Read more]


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