Chapter 1 The Interview APPRENTICE YOUNG

Austin was a little small for his age, but that didn’t change the fact that he was ready to start taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. Austin’s... [read more]

Chapter 2 The Calling APPRENTICE YOUNG

Austin didn’t know what to say to his father after returning from the woods. The experience of being blindfolded, manhandled, and fucked was confusing... [read more]

Chapter 3 Disciplinary Action APPRENTICE YOUNG

Apprentice Young’s fingers trembled as he began to unlace his shoes. Standing in the dark, black basement of the Temple, he tried to be brave as he obeyed... [read more]

Chapter 4 The Anointing APPRENTICE YOUNG

The anointing ritual is an essential part of an apprentice’s admission. Not only does it provide for a formalized cleansing and renewal of the flesh,... [read more]

Chapter 5 Atonement APPRENTICE YOUNG

Apprentice Young thought the men must have seen how nervous he was. And he had good reason. As he stood still, passively letting them strip him of his... [read more]

Chapter 6 The Covenant APPRENTICE YOUNG

Apprentice Young’s throat was still sore when he met with Grandmaster Angus. It was a blessing he wasn’t asked to speak as his voice was hoarse from... [read more]

Chapter 7 Ordination APPRENTICE YOUNG

Apprentice Young knew the moment was bigger than himself. Being ordained into the brotherhood was something he was told he would remember for the rest... [read more]

Chapter 8 The Sacrament APPRENTICE YOUNG

My apprenticeship with the Brotherhood hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I’ve often found myself feeling bewildered, frustrated, lonely or completely... [read more]

Chapter 9 Second Anointing APPRENTICE YOUNG

Austin has proved himself to be a brave, discrete, and intelligent young man. He has behaved in an exemplary manner throughout his apprenticeship. The... [read more]