Master Barrett / MasonicBoys


Being one of the younger masters of the Masonic Order, Master Barrett took his role there very seriously. He didn’t often say much, but his mysterious gaze made curious minds wonder. He understood he had a duty to perform after becoming an official member, but his own personal mission statement of ensuring that both him and his partner were enjoying themselves sometimes overshadowed that duty.

The boys he encountered when with the Order were fond of him due to his handsome bearded face and bold eye contact. His charm was almost irresistible. Barrett took notice of this charm he had over the boys, a confidence that they somehow picked up on. Knowing his focus was entirely on you meant only one thing for certain, you would soon be feeling pleasure. This Master had his own secret weapon, his own way of knowing how to elevate the sensation. It was one of the reasons boys were so quick to swoon for him.
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