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MASTER OAKS / MasonicBoys


Newly appointed as a prestigious GrandMaster of Discipline for the highly touted yet secretive Masonic Society, Damien fits this bill to perfection. The 6’5 silver fox has got ice water coursing through his veins. Tolerating nothing less than immaculate behavior and piety from every single Apprentice, GrandMaster Oaks is a delightfully terrifying figure when his primal ire is induced.

Greatly admired and respected by the local Masonic chapter as well as the International Masons, Oaks uses his fame and notoriety to his maximum pleasure. Administering severely sexy discipline to a sinful Apprentice gets the mighty elder’s carnal juices flowing; and once those delightfully fiery eyes are locked onto a naughty boy- they know full well that the disciplinary action that follows will be a bed-rocking revival one could never forget!
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