Chapter 7 The Sacrament APPRENTICE COLE BLUE

As a member of the fraternal order, Cole’s experiences changed. While he was still younger and less powerful than the masters, he was permitted to w...itness more of the rare and protected practices of the Masons. He didn’t understand most of what was happening or why, but he followed along obediently and with full focus. In many ways, he still felt like he was going through his initiation, looking wide-eyed at his superiors and hoping to glean some knowledge or wisdom. Additionally, he was still eager to prove himself, both mentally and sexually to the older men. Grandmaster Wolf could see Cole’s enthusiasm for more, so he brought him into the temple for a special privilege, the receiving of the sacrament. The ceremony room was darkened, lit predominantly by candle light. Grandmaster Wolf wore a mask, giving him a strange and ominous appearance. It must have been tied to some lore or tradition Cole was unaware of, but he didn’t question it. He could tell it was Grandmaster Wolf due to his size, scent, and his deep, whispery voice. That was all he needed to give full compliance. Cole was stripped out of his shirt and tie, very similarly to how he’d been before. But as he stood in the temple room, the moment felt different. Cole had changed. He felt the weight of the ceremony deep in his gut, informing how every touch and tingle he received. He instantly began to leak precum, soaking through his underwear and catching the attention of the grandmaster. The young man knew what was coming, and his mind, body, and spirit were in total preparation for it. Taking off his mask, Grandmaster Wolf revealed his strikingly handsome face. The warm glow of the candlelight only seemed to make him more attractive. His long arms reached down to Cole’s genitals, tugging at his bulge and releasing the boy’s throbbing erection from his undergarments. Cole would do anything the older man asked of him. Without question or doubt. He would give of himself freely, making him perfect for the sacrament. Grandmaster Wolf removed the remainder of Cole’s clothes and put him up on an altar table. Cole laid on his back, his beautiful, toned body presented in its most vulnerable state. His genitals were hard and his hole was on display, eyes locked up at the older man before him, eagerly awaiting instruction on what to do next. Grandmaster Wolf took some ceremonial oil and dripped it down on his finger. It glistened in the candlelight, reflecting back into Cole’s eyes. Cole only saw it for a moment before it slipped down beneath his pelvis, finding its way between his buttocks and inside his sphincter. The oil was cool at first, not yet warmed by the head of the man’s flesh. It didn’t take long for Cole’s body to practically melt it. He felt the firm digit work its way inside. Cole let out an excited moan. Grandmaster Wolf had yet to even remove his clothes and Cole could have cum right then and there. But seeing the rise in the older man’s pants, Cole knew well what was to come. For him to receive the blessing of the sacrament, he would have to give of himself. His hole would have to endure the deep, hard, penetrating size of Wolf’s cock. A simple sacrifice, but one he would gladly make again and again... [Read more]

Chapter 3 The Covenant APPRENTICE JAMES

Oliver did as he was told. Obediently, he stripped down completely and put on the ceremonial robe. It was big and loose hanging on his body, clearly n...ot made for him. As he tried to balance it on his shoulders, he wondered how many others had worn this exact garment, and how many others had done what he was about to do. He’d barely spoken a handful of words to Master Cox, but already the older man had touched his body, handled his genitals, and even been inside him. Sex with him was part of the requirements of the Order, but Oliver did not mind. He found himself unusually drawn to the older man, both in his authority and his appearance. He reminded him of the men he knew growing up. Fathers of friends, friends of his father, neighbors, etc. Even being a stranger, disconnected and unknown from his life or any sentimentality, there was something familiar about him that gave him comfort. Crawling into the ceremony room on all fours, he lowered himself below the older man. Master Cox sat on the edge of a large bed, draped in a red altar cloth. Master Cox was dressed in all white, even down to his tie. Everything felt so formal and so ritualized. It sent a tingly feeling up Oliver’s spine, a sort of out of body experience as he walked through the motions he was told to follow. He knew this was important, so he gave it his entire attention. When Master Cox told him to wash his feet, he didn’t hesitate or think twice of it. Everything about the moment served to remind Apprentice Oliver that his place was submissive and subservient to Master Cox. And he did so with full faith. Once he was finished, Master Cox stood him up, manipulating the material that hung over Oliver’s body until it fell down around him. The boy stood naked, exposed and vulnerable, pressed against the fully suited older man. Oliver’s cock began to stiffen, rising as he felt the moment of consummation approach. It was very vaguely explained to him the purpose of the covenant ceremony, but he knew he had to give himself to the Order and to Master Cox as if he was making an eternal bond. The only thing he could equate it to was a wedding. And as such, he knew this meant giving his body over completely. Master Cox took off his jacket, ordering Oliver to his knees. Within seconds, he pulled out his cock for Oliver to begin to suck. It was a big, thick, veiny member with a low hanging set of large testicles. Seeing it close, Oliver was impressed with its size. He remembered how it felt moving inside him, but strangely, he never really saw it. Something about Master Cox just made him want to serve him. Looking up at his light salt and pepper sprinkling of chest hair, his masculine face with his dark mustache, and his paternal, soft eyes, he wanted to be taken. He felt it deep in his loins that he needed to be filled and fucked. He passionately and thoughtfully worshipped and sucked Master Cox’s member, all the while anticipating the moment when it would be back inside his hole... [Read more]

Chapter 1 The Interview APPRENTICE BASINGER

Apprentice Basinger sat expectactantly, wondering with intense anticipation what Grandmaster Wolf would ask him. Entrance into the Masonic Order wasn...t guaranteed, and Basinger knew that it would require more than just a sunny smile and a charming personality. Basinger had always pushed himself to be the best, wanting to be seen as capable and reliable especially by his older mentors. He knew the Masons offered him a chance to prove himself and be accepted into a larger fraternity of men much like himself. Of course, like anything else, he did his best to prepare for the challenge and come with a strong, confident presentation. But once he saw Grandmaster Wolf, his fortitude was shaken. The tall, handsome older man stood a solid foot taller than the young initiate. He had a stern yet not unwelcoming appearance, reinforced by the fine white suit he wore. He was practically like an archangel, delivering a message of warning and caution. Basinger felt he should tread lightly, not wanting to disappoint his interviewer, but deep down, he found himself distracted by the way he looked at him. The questions started simple at first. Information about school and sports and activities fell out of Basinger’s mouth like they were pre-recorded deep in his lungs, set to auto-response from a lifetime of regurgitating the facts and details of what made him stand out amongst his peers. But what struck Basinger strange, setting him off his routine, was when Grandmaster Wolf began to ask him about his sexuality. The older man didn’t come out directly and ask him if he was gay, but he hinted at the idea by asking if he’d ever been attracted to men. Basinger felt like this was a trap, one he had to avoid at all costs in order to get what he wanted. He denied any such feelings, knowing full well that he was in that very moment trying to suppress his arousal to the questioner. Grandmaster Wolf was no fool, however. He knew that Basinger was hiding something. He could see the subtle ways in which Basinger would steal glances at his body, eyeing the space between his thighs, even parting his lips ever so slightly as if in thought about what that spot concealed. Wolf knew he had to put Basinger to the test. He told him to remove his clothes, leaving just his sheer, white underwear on. Basinger was confused and reluctant at first, but Wolf’s words were delivered with such authority, Basinger was compelled to comply. And of course, Basinger was unexpectedly happy to do so. Wolf could see that Basinger was sporting a pretty substantial member beneath his sheer underwear. The thin white fabric draped delicately over an impressive size of manhood sprouting upward. Apprentice Basinger didn’t know what to do, knowing that any objection could put his position in the order in jeopardy. So he went along with Grandmaster Wolf’s instructions, answering his questions and sitting still in patience. When Grandmaster Wolf tied the young man’s hands behind his back, Basinger knew the interview was taking a direction he had not prepared for. He’d heard rumors of the crazy various rituals and ceremonies the Masons performed, but he didn’t think they were still in practice. He had imagined a number of archaic formalities would have been lost to modernization, keeping the organization more aligned with occupational pursuits and tradecraft. But as Basinger’s assumptions began to shatter, he saw a dark spot appear on the cloth covering his cock. It was a small, wet droplet forming against the white material of the underwear. Precum. Basinger was leaking precum onto his shorts, stimulated and aroused by the intimate way Grandmaster Wolf tied him to the chair, keeping him in place. Basinger was confused and alarmed, but no more so than when Grandmaster Wolf placed the tip of his long, powerful finger down on the spot, catching the liquid on his skin and gently pulling it away in a silky, thin string. Apprentice Basinger didn’t know if Wolf would cast him out for that, but then, to his complete shock, Basinger watched as Grandmaster Wolf took the tip of his wetted finger and placed it in his mouth. The boy trembled, not knowing what the older man was capable of, but finding himself unquestionably desperate to find out... [Read more]

Chapter 4 Atonement APPRENTICE RYAN

Apprentice Ryan’s body shook like a leaf as he bent over the bench. He looked at the dark, glistening knobs beneath him, a sort of trail of where he... had come from. He felt Grandmaster Angus’ big, hairy hands on his worn out ass, caressing him and soothing him as he stared down at the objects of his atonement. The first few plugs stretched him out fine, with only a modest amount of struggle before he found himself pleased with his own capability. But the last two did him in, stretching him beyond what he could handle, leaving him a shaking, weakened wreck. He tried to muster up the strength to continue, but alas, he had to bow out, leaving the final and largest plug unconquered. As a result, Grandmaster Angus had to give him his punishment. Ryan didn’t know what was coming. He knew the leaders had strange methods of keeping initiates in line, but he was fortunate to have had to experience them all. As he awaited his fate, he took the time to catch his breath, steeling himself Angus’ plans, even allowing himself to find pleasure in the soft touches to his ass. Ryan felt a warm tongue on his hole, a much needed salve on his weary insides. He let out soft moans, grateful for the gentle massage and relaxation. He wanted to look back, but he was told to keep his eyes forward and his hands on the bench, locking himself in place for what was to come. His ears were careful to pick up on the sound of clothes rustling and falling behind him. Grandmaster Angus was slowly removing his shirt and pants, stripping down to just his undergarments as Apprentice Ryan obeyed his orders. The young man didn’t know how much further he would go, but suddenly and without warning, he felt something slip into his searing hot hole. At first, Ryan feared it was another plug, aimed at splitting him apart and making him suffer. Instead, it was the familiar, smooth, girthy member of Grandmaster Angus. The bare cock slid inside him with a single thrust, not hesitating or stopping. Apprentice Ryan was well warmed up enough to handle the older man’s member, his hole loose enough to breed but still tight enough to grip. Instinctively, the young man clenched down on Angus’ cock, as if subconsciously wanting to milk him of the load he carried in his hairy, hanging nuts. As Apprentice Ryan became accustomed to the fucking, he found his cock beginning to harden and leak out a steady stream of precum. It dripped down onto the dark wood bench, pooling up and streaking as his body rocked back and forth. Bishop Angus took his hands around Ryan’s neck, holding him in place with a firm grip without choking him. Though, as Angus’ breeding thrusts increased in pace and intensity, the burly man’s grip occasionally tightened, giving Ryan a thrilling feeling of submission and powerlessness. Apprentice Ryan learned from the masters that in the temple, his body was not his own. It belonged to the men of the Order to use as the pleased. Never more than in that moment did that sentiment ring true. Ryan felt himself a passenger in his flesh, his consciousness simply an occupant of the vessel that Bishop Angus controlled and owned. He belonged to him, bouncing on the end of his cock with his neck in a vice grip, feeling his insides shift to make room for the throbbing member of the older man. Bishop Angus felt himself approaching climax. As he did, he squeezed Ryan’s neck a little tighter. The excitement was enough to send bursts of energy to his loins, causing a chain reaction that led to the eruption of his prostate. Jets of hot, white cum sprung from his cock, filling up the apprentice’s hole as he struggled to stay upright and still. Ryan breathed deep, feeling the milky load swirling in his guts, stirred up by Angus’ declining erection, moving deeper in his body. Ryan couldn’t believe he could take it after all he’d endured, but he was proud of himself for holding out until the end... [Read more]

Chapter 2 Disciplinary Action APPRENTICE JAMES

Apprentice James felt the first peg enter his hole with a fiery sting. He was not quite ready as he sat down on the shiny wooden bench, intimidated by... the line of toys securely sealed to its surface. He looked into Master Cox’s eyes as he sat across the room, enthroned by a large red chair and positioned such that James could perfectly and expectedly meet his gaze. He looked for a sign of Cox’s mercy, but it was clear that the older man did not intend for him to stop. Sacrifice and hard work was part of every rite and ritual on the way to becoming a Master Mason. James knew this and accepted it. But it didn’t make the work any less challenging. Up until Master Legrand stuck his long finger through his sphincter, he’d never experienced the sensation of his hole widening beyond his control. Now, he was testing himself far beyond the demands of a single digit. Master Cox was a handsome man with summer-tanned skin and a dark mustache. He didn’t appear immediately threatening or intimidating. In fact, he had the look of a regular dad. Someone he might have met in life. He could have been a teacher, an office manager, a boss, or even the parent of one of his friends. At any other moment, he might have disappeared in the background of his suburban life, another face in a sea of elders. But here, in the dark, black room of the temple, he was imbued with power and authority that James had to recognize. As Apprentice James eased himself down, Master Cox’ face expressed something less than satisfaction. While James felt like he was pushing himself, Master Cox seemed to interpret this as merely the warm up. And looking at what was to come, it was clear that the young man was naive to feel like this was a challenge. Nevertheless, when the older man ordered him to proceed to the next peg, the apprentice did so without hesitation. While he felt an intense heat around his ears and cheeks and a rapid pulse beating within his heart, he did what he thought was demanded of him. As he moved down the line, James felt himself becoming more and more acclimated to the stretching of his hole. The objects seemed to be a warm up for the one before it, much easier to take on each level up. But whenever it seemed like he was cheating the Order by not pressing firmly down against the bench, Master Fantana, a younger but equally handsome superior, stood beside him, ready to press down on his shoulders and ensure he was fully engulfing the object. Master Fantana would occasionally oil up the next peg, getting it ready for the apprentice’s next step. He would rub the excess on James’ body, making his smooth, alabaster skin glisten in the dim light. It somehow made James warmer, covering his flesh where it would otherwise be bare. The warmth made him more persistent to continue while also providing a pleasant sight to his masters. Despite his resolve and determination to meet Master Cox’s expectations, his virgin hole could only take so much. The older man was impressed with how far he made it, but knew not to reveal that in any way. Power is only effective when it means discipline as well as reward. And for not meeting the expectations of the Order, Apprentice James would have to face the consequences. The young man was placed on a large red altar with his legs held up by the younger master. Fantana helped the boy into position, bringing his ass to the end of the ceremonial table and keeping his lower limbs held up and apart. Apprentice James was keenly aware that his well used hole was out and presented, right at the height of Master Cox’s loins. The thought first made him nervous. He was clearly in a position to be fucked. He’d never experienced anything like that before, and now, in the dark with these strange men, he was going to have a once in a lifetime change. He felt the urge to stop it, but he knew if he did, his entrance into the Order would be finished. As Master Cox removed his pants, he saw the mustachioed daddy’s hard, veiny cock sticking out from beneath his undershirt. It was thick and throbbing, clearly aroused by seeing the apprentice work over his hole. Something about the familiarity of this stranger--his dad-next-door energy and coupled with unsuspecting authority--made Apprentice James unexpectedly hard. Thinking of this man--the coach, the banker, the father, the husband, whoever he was in his real life--fucking him and filling him with his cock sent a thrill in his body. He’d always worried what his first time would be like, and knowing the moment had come filled him with excitement. Apprentice James thought there might be more ceremony and ritual to come, but to his surprise and delight, the older man simply brought his bare cock between his cheeks and slid it deep into his body. It happened with a sudden shock and a feeling of pressure deep in his gut. And then that was that. Apprentice James was no longer a virgin. He looked up Master Cox, staring into the eyes of the first man to fuck him. He knew he’d remember this moment for the rest of his life, so he tried his best to memorize everything. The hot, thick air of the room, dense with desire and perspiration. The slight beading of sweat building on the older man’s brow. And the powerful, commanding, masculine way his face stared back at him as he began to thrust back and forth... [Read more]


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